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Ohrfilm 2001 – 2021

[Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Various Artists

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This album is an acoustic odyssey into the space and life of a twenty-years period. An agency for film composers introduces its members on their own. Each piece on this compilation arrived on this recording through a short briefing: „Please send me music that matches the cover – that inspires you through the cover.“ A picture taken at night after a heavy snow shower in Hamburg, which is only illuminated by the light of the city reflected by the snow… This release basically sets itself to music. The soundtrack from a group of individuals who are more than the sum of their parts – playing together on this digital stage. My heartfelt thank you belongs to the composers and artists who made OHRFILM what it is now.

  1. New World [written by Jasmin Reuter], performed by Deutscher Filmorchester Babelsberg, 2021
  2. Der Krieg und ich [written by Eike Hosenfeld, Moritz Denis & Steffen Keinke], performed by Hosenfeld/Denis, 2019
  3. Rhythm of Snow  [written and performed by Christopher Colaço & Philipp Schaeper], 2019
  4. Koi [written and performed by Gregor Schwellenbach], 2021
  5. Leaving [written and performed by Simon Stockhausen], 2015
  6. Ground Zero [written and performed by Roman Keller], 2021
  7. Solitary Waters [written and performed by Stan Koch & Maarten Buning], 2021
  8. Not Here [written and performed by J.Peter Schwalm], 2021
  9. Hunger Bird [written and performed by MOWD & Franz Kirmann], 2021
  10. Süßer Tod So Alpennah [written and performed by Bertram Denzel], 2012
  11. Oedipus Dreaming [written and performed by Christian Meyer], 2021
  12. Apollo [written and performed by Ben Nemsi], 2016
  13. Meanwhile in Heaven [written and performed by Sendecki & Spiegel], 2019
  14. Die letzte Ölung [written and performed by Christoph Clöser], 2003
  15. Milonga of Fig Tree [written and performed by József Dávid Reményi], 2001
  16. The Wolves are Back [written and performed by Christoph Rinnert], 2021
  17. Unschuld [written by Sabine Zlotos], performed by Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg, 2011
  18. Grüner Samt [written and performed by Jens Thomas], 2016