Located in Cologne and London

Gregor Schwellenbach crosses subversive conceptuality with the courage of catchy melody, plays with the listening habits of different worlds and mixes them into warm-hearted compositions with depth and character.

„I do play the piano, but I don’t really see myself as a pianist. Nor am I a particularly virtuoso pianist. My piano playing comes from the need to make music. I also play the piano more like a composer or an arranger who has a certain melody in mind and wants to realise it. What the pencil sketch is for a painter, the piano is for me. I create a sketch of the music I have in my head on the piano and can have it produced and recorded there.“ (taken from the interview in >Keyboards< of 6 January 2021. Complete interview (in German) 

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selected works:

The Can Project (Co-Writing of CAN SUITE)

The Body As Archive


Das Rote Erbe

Der Wald in Mir