Located in Berlin


Christian Meyer writes and designs modern soundtracks for film, television, advertising and dance theatre and has received important awards for his compositions: Best Film Score from the Association of German Film Critics, ADC, VDW, Die Klappe, New York Festival, Finalist Cannes Lions.


The most recent joint collaboration, in which Christian did the score and Ohrfilm the music supervision:

John F. Kennedy – The Man And The Myth [2023]

Documentary Series | 4×26′, 2×52′, 60′ and 90′ 

This story has it all: a heady cocktail of political thriller, family epic and true crime – a life so filled with drama, glamour, love, politics, power, scandals, sex, drugs & rock ‘n’ roll that is has equal. In this documentary, we examine key phases in Kennedy’s life. We show his most moving, dramatic, and darkest hours – and the times in his life that he ensured to remain hidden. And we contrast the image of the hero presented by the Kennedy family with the aspects of his life that were kept far from the public eye.

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