Located in: Berlin

Childhood and youth in Turkey, then studied Islamic Studies and Comparative Musicology at the Free University of Berlin. After many band projects and tours, successful work as a studio musician, producer and composer in the context of commissioned compositions for films in the field of documentary and fiction for cinema / TV. Christoph Rinnert’s work is characterised by a high degree of authenticity, and he succeeds in developing musical solutions based on the questions of the respective directors, which contain emphatic fits and always positive surprises. His last film music for „Georgia O’Keeffe“ was nominated for a renowned film music award, the result of which we will soon be able to announce here.

Language: english, turkish, french, spanish


Filmographie (Selection)


  • Georgia O’Keeffe – Une Artiste au Far West“ (2021 Les Films D’Ici / ARTE France)  Dir: Evelyn Schels 
  • “Body of Truth” (D 2020) Cinema, Dir: Evelyn Schels
  • „Love Time Fools“ (D 2014) Cinema, Dir. Dara Sepheri
  • „Wem gehört die Welt“ (D 2014) TV-Doc,  Dir. Sabine Jainski
  • „Ein Hella Angel unter Brüdern“ ( D.2013 ) Cinema, Dir. Marcel Wehn
  • „Georg Baselitz“ (D 2013) Cinema,  Dir. Evelyn Schels
  • „Wenn Bäume Puppen tragen“ (D. 2012) Cinema, Dir.  Ismail Sahin
  • „Method“ (Türkei 2012)  Cinema, Dir. Ulas Inac
  • „Die Akte Pasolini“  TV Documentary  (2013), Dir.  Andreas Pichler
  • „70°“ (D. 2012) Cinema, Dir. Lothar Berg
  • „Nano Now“ Dok. (2005) / Regie Ilse Biberti

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