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located in: Oslo/Copenhagen

Cisser Mæhl is a danish composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, currently living and working in Oslo, Norway. The 3rd of March 2023 she released her debut album Innemuseum at the Berlin based label Sonic Pieces. Her way of approaching the world musically is reminiscent of a careful listening for the fascination and wonder of inner-worldly encounters. Her acoustic/electronic instruments are enriched by her gentle voice. Her music leaves the necessary gap for a visual language that is allowed to develop without the danger of being crushed by an acoustic level.
She works with music production in interdisciplinary collaborations and composes music for films, games, performance arts and litterature. The collaboration with her is always described as inspiring, pleasant and enriching.


Education 2013-2023

Master’s degree, film composition – National Academy of Music (SDMK)

Bachelor’s degree, composition – Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC) 

Bachelor’s degree, fine art – The Jutland Art Academy, Denmark


Ongoing and upcoming projects in 2024:

2023-24 – Composer, sound designer, theatre play, Brannen, director Odette Bereska, playwright Liv Heløe, produced by Play On, Berlin, and Teatret Vårt, Molde, to be exhibited September 2024 at Teatret Vårt in Ålesund and Molde, Norway

2021-24 – Composer, sound piece, Gebrokken, in collaboration with composer Jenny Berger Myhre, director Arturo Tovar, to be exhibited April 2024 at Vårscenefest, Tromsø, Norway 

2024 – Composer, solo cassette release, September 2024, Breton Cassette, Oslo, Norway

2024 – Composer, songwriter, concerts and collaborative album release with writer Ida Marie Hede, Lyden af Suget, to be released June 2024, Lyd og Litteratur, Denmark

2022-24 – Composer, video game; Mind Diver, to be published April 2024, Indoor Sunglasses, Copenhagen, Denmark

2024 – Composer, songwriter, title track for video game; Selfloss, to be published March 2024, Goodwin Games, Kazakhstan

2024 – Composer, graduation film, director Hugo Francker, The Norwegian Film School

2024 – Composer, album release, a New Story, release date unknown, Upright Music, Denmark


Selected Earlier works

2023 – Composer, illustrator, sound journey on train from Oslo S to Movatn station, Gebrokken – Endemisk Norsk, in collaboration with composer Jenny Berger Myhre, director Arturo Tovar, exhibited at Ultima Festival, September 2023, Oslo, Norway

2023 – Composer, musician, performer, songwriter, technician, theatre play, Parprosjektet, director Eirik Fauske, exhibited three times at Teaterfestivalen i Fjaler, September 2023, Norway

2023 Composer, songwriter, musician, solo debut album Innemuseum, mixed by Lasse Marhaug, mastered by Stephan Mathieu, graphics by Erik K Skodvin, released on Sonic Pieces, 3rd of March 2023, Berlin, Germany

2023 – Performer, music video Menneskeaftryk, by director Pauline Merrildgaard

2023 – Composer, track release; Omsonst, in collaboration with composer Jenny Berger Myhre, part of compilation MEUF vol 1., curated by Maria Dybbroe, Barefoot Records, Denmark 

2023 – Composer, short film, Død af Grin, director Terji Mohr, Super16, Denmark

2023 – Composer, short film, Armaggeddon, director Michael Kunov, Super16, Denmark

2023 – Composer, short film, Regnbuepik, director Marie Limkilde, Denmark

2023 – Composer, short film, FRI, director Laura Dyhrcrone, graduation film, The National Film School of Denmark

2023 – Composer, illustrator, short film, Vildkvinde, director Pauline Merrildgaard, graduation film, The National Film School of Denmark

2022 – Composer, sound walk, Gebrokken: Vi Høyrer Saman in collaboration with composer Jenny Berger Myhre, director Arturo Tovar, exhibited at MUNCH and Bjørvika in Oslo, Only Connect Festival, nyMusikk, April 2022, Oslo, Norway,

2022 Composer, short film, Sneglehuset, director Sif Lina Lambæk, Super16, Denmark- 

2021 – Composer, musician, songwriter, commission and concert, Lyden af Suget in collaboration with writer Ida Marie Hede, Lyd og Litteratur Festival, Århus, Denmark

2021 Performer, composer, short film, Hiraeth, director Pauline Merrildgaard, Denmark

2020 Composer, spillefilm, Ingen Skal Sove, collaboration with artist Alex Mørch, Swulli Film, Denmark


Musician on albums

2024 – Violin, album by Vilde Tuv, to be released in 2024, Oslo, Norway

2024 – Violin, vocals, piano, banjo, guitar, electronics, collaborative album by Cisser Mæhl and Ida Marie Hede, to be released in 2024, Denmark

2023 – Violin, vocals, piano, electronics, solo album, Innemuseum, Sonic Pieces, Berlin, Germany 2023 Violin, piano, vocals, electronics, collaboration with composer Jenny Berger Myhre, Omsonst, part of compilation; MEUF vol 1., Barefoot Records, Denmark

2022 – Violin, album by Jenny Berger Myhre; Here Is Always Somewhere Else, Breton Cassette, Norway 2020 Violin, albumBishBusch by BishBusch, Escho, Denmark

2020 – Violin, album Misstanke by Judith Stocks, Youth Recordings, Sweden

2016 – Violin, vocals, album Ympehaven by Mads Mouritz, Denmark

2014 – Violin, vocals, album That Glorious Masterpiece by Workers in Songs, Denmark

2013 – Violin, vocals, album For Grandpa by Workers in Songs, Denmark