Ökoprofit Hamburg

Ein wunderbares Konzept einer Win-Win-Situation zwischen Umwelt und ökonomischen Mehrwert. Wir empfehlen dieses Konzept von unseren Geschäftsfreunden:

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Edition Threshold & Brook

Die junge Edition des Autoren Gregor Schwellenbach. Wir freuen uns sehr auf die zukünftige Zusammenarbeit.

Teddysound, S.L.


In Spain and Portugal we are represented through Teddysound S.L.

Collect Music Publishers


We are delighted to continue our relationship with Collect Music Publishers on a new and wider format as a sub publishing partner for our catalogues within the territories: The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Estonia Latvia & Lithuania.

Café Concerto Publishing Group


We are happy to work together with Café Concerto since beginning of 2016 as our sub publisher for the territories: Italy, Republic San Marino & Vatican City.

Edition Sonic Pieces

SONIC PIECES is a boutique record label based in Berlin. Every carefully selected release comes as a limited edition in genuine packaging, hand-crafted with locally produced and designed material. The label’s musical output and unique artwork form a connection between each release that is both recognizable and challenging, while celebrating the difference and individuality of each project.

Making of an individual project.

Métisse Music

In France / Sacem Territories, our cataloque will be represented through an independent French music publisher called MÉTISSE MUSIC.
Métisse do have a strong arm in synch affine music and Jazz, wich both suits perfectly to OHRFILM.

DJ Ohrfilm

Die ideale Besetzung für gehobene Tanzansprüche in Ihrem nicht-ganz-alltäglichen Film.



Edition Hardly Listening

Bertram Denzel
Filmcomposer, DJ, owner of the edition:


“the home of german angst” (filmdirector incognito)