Nightshades in an audible space, inviting you to dream – associate – submerge yourself – relax and concentrate.

On his grand piano, Jens Thomas gropes his way towards the day, bringing us deeper into the night and to the substrates of musical transmissions.

Nocturnes – piano pieces – simultaneously dark, yet hopeful.


Nocturnes – Jens Thomas

22 pieces

Release Date: 2020-11-20

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It has been taken by chance not to dream in coloures some people say. Others don’t. I can’t remember ever dreamt in black and white but just in case i would – I wish to have this marvelous album as a soundtrack. (Matthias Tode)

After winning the best original score of: „OH BOY“ , Colaço & Schaeper continued to develop their collaborative project as a duo writing and scoring music. By the end of last year Colaço and Schaeper gather the classical musicians from the Mahler Chamber Orchestra and creates some intense and atmospheric soundscapes and  piano pieces. The album is out now: the 10th of May, 2019

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Enjoy your dream!


For the dance film essay „The Body as Archive“Gregor Schwellenbach chose a simple yet radical approach: he created a kind of catalog of sounds, clearly structured, presented with sobriety and boldness. The sounds are not embedded in the familiar frame of rhythm-harmony-melody; rather, they are introduced smoothly, presented one after the other, sometimes going together, then standing alone. It is a sensual approach, at the same time executed strictly systematically. Or vice versa: Schwellenbach’s composition is strictly systematical, giving maximum space for sensuality and the unfolding of sounds.

Schwellenbach strives to create a system that doesn’t become rigid, by treating the material gently and with sincerity.

In composing „The Body as Archive“ he sets clear rules: everything is played by hand, he only uses instruments he plays himself: Keyboards (Rhodes, piano, synthesizer) and double bass. Almost all material is played in the same key, the chords can be used in any combination, everything fits to everything. The ten parts of „The Body as Archive“, mastered byTaylor Deupree, could be played all at the same time without sounding cacophonous.

Everything is pure presence, a gently woven stream of elegance and attentiveness. The organization of sounds – usually an action of preparation, didactic and discipline – turns into poetry.

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XUSHA mit dem Jungen Orchester Hamburg

XUSHA [ksuːʃa] ist aktueller Pop gepaart mit Tanz und Tschaikowski’s besten Melodien.
Eine Band, ein Orchester und Tanz in einer Show – live auf der Bühne.

Hinter XUSHA stehen die russischstämmige Sängerin und Pianistin Xenia Afonina und der Schlagzeuger Kai Ortmann, der sein Instrument in Los Angeles studiert hat.


Popsongs, inspiriert von Tchaikowski’s Schwanensee, erzählen in einer Show vom ewigen Kampf Schwarz gegen Weiß.

ACHTUNG: Der Premierenabend wird für eine Film – Produktion aufgezeichnet.

Im Miralles-Saal, Mittelweg 42, 20148 Hamburg
Am Sonntag, den 21.01.2018, um 19:00 Uhr (Einlass 18 Uhr)

Veröffentlichung am 22.1.2016 – Aino Löwenmarks Solo Album . Website

Aino Löwenmark: vocals, piano, wurlitzer
Jürgen Spiegel: drums, percussion
Sandro Giampietro: guitar, electric guitar
Friedrich Paravicini: cello, hammond,
wurlitzer, fender rhodes, ondes martenot
Omar Rodrigues Calvo: double bass
Michi Kiske: vocals on “Halleluja”

Produziert von Jürgen Spiegel
Video zur Single Human .

Das Duo Aino Löwenmark und Jürgen Spiegel stehen auf Anfrage für Filmmusik Produktionen zur Verfügung.
Januar 2016